Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 1 of my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Hi everyone!

     Thank you so much for visiting my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge blog. I wanted to keep everyone updated on my results, so that in the near future you can have own awesome results with AdvoCare as well. Today is Day 1 of my challenge. I received my package yesterday, November 12, 2013. Shipping took exactly a week from when I placed the order. In this blog I will be sharing my helpful tips, tricks, and what my results are. Below I have listed the supplements, medications, workout summary, and my measurements. I currently use, which are all recommend by my doctor who specializes in hormonal balance and holistic healthcare. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at Don't forget when placing your orders, please type in Kahley Stalteri, when it asks for a distributor name! Thank you so much!

Below I have listed the links to AdvoCare to help you on your journey of changing to a healthy lifestyle, as well as detoxing your body of bad toxins and bacteria. As my doctor always tells me, "A lot of imbalances in the body begin in the gut." Time to rid of body of toxins, and get a jump start on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

My Website at AdvoCare:

What is AdvoCare:

AdvoCare Results:

24 Day Challenge Guide and Info:

List of my medications:

Metformin: Insulin Medication 1x a day in the morning 

Cytomel or T3: Thyroid medication taken 4x a day every four hours after waking 

Florinef: Steroid to help support adnerals. Check out Stop The Thyroid Maddness to learn about how 95% of the worlds population suffer from this! 

Vitamin D (8000 IUS)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Purchased the Max 3 supplements because I am not an active gym person. I walk at least 4 times a week for over a mile. The Max 3 supplements should not be taken right after consuming Thyroid Medications because of the calcium. Please wait 2 hours before consuming the supplements after taking your Thyroid medication.

*If you are currently on any medications or have health issues please ask a doctor before using AdvoCare!! I am not a doctor, but trust that you have your best judgement on your own personal health on deciding to purchase AdvoCare products 

Favorite products so far:

Sparks (OMG the energy from this is amazing! It's equal to one cup of coffee, without the crash after. I felt a bit shaky after drinking. This is because I have not had any caffeine from a beverage in almost a year!)

Mocha Protein Shake: Taste is amazing. Sweeter than I thought it would be, but delicious! I want more! 

Workout for today: I have posted a picture below of my workout summary for today. I use an app called RunKeeper on my iPhone. It is amazing and free! It also paused half-way through my walk, and I didn't realize for 20 minutes! 

So far it is halfway through my day, and I feel awesome. I have not crashed yet, or had any tummy issues. 

Please advice that I am to fully following the first 10 day cleanse meal. I have been eating healthy for almost a year, and wanted to stick to my normal eating plan to keep my weight off. The first 10 days suggests no carbs. 

Food I've consumed today since 8 A.M. Plus lots of water!

1.) Breakfast: AdvoCare Protein Shake with my own supplements 

2.) 2-3 hours later Plain Greek yogurt and apple slices 

3.) Lunch: Whole apple, plain tuna, spring mix, pinch of Celtic seasalt (helps with electrolytes), pinch pepper, and organic/handmade local balsamic vinaigrette! 

4.) Snack 2 hours after lunch: String cheese, orange, and water

5.) Dinner: Chiptole Salad with chicken, peppers, onions, mild salsa, and honey dew 

Starting Measurements: 

Measurements: Day 1

Hips: 44 inches 

Waist: 36.5 inches 

Under bust: 35.5 inches 

Right thigh: 26.5 inches 

Left thigh: 26.5 inches 

Calves: 17 inches 

Biceps: I was a softball pitcher, my right arm was always larger ;)

R: 14.5 inches 

L: 14 inches 

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