Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 4 of 24

Hi everyone! 

    So today I am feeling great! I weighed myself today, and I am down 2.5lbs. I am so pumped! Today is day 4, and instead of the cleanse drink to have with breakfast, I will be taking the probiotic supplement. I am drinking another brand of protein shake so I don't run out of my AdvoCare shakes (they only give you 14). I have to say that it feels really good knowing I can stick to a great meal plan, and see results. Once you get the hang of eating, and grocery shopping for healthy foods it becomes easier and easier. Last Decemeber is when I made a 180 with my eating habits, and started to eat healthy! The process of changing my food now for the challenge, was simple for myself. I used to treat myself on the weekends, but I'm staying strict with myself on the challenge. Since August 2011 I am down a total of 26 pounds. As of this year I am down a total of 16 pounds. I truly believe in taking the weight off slowly so it won't come back. I have maintained my weight loss for 11 months now, and just really wanted something to push me a bit more to get to my goal weight. I wanted to lose a total of 30lb this year, and to keep it off. I only have 14 more to go, and I hope I can reach my goal when I am done with my challenge. :) 

To order AdvoCare products please go to my first blog, and click on Kahley's (distributor website) to order! 


Before breakfast: Spark energy drink in Watermelon. The flavor is really good! 

Breakfast: Probitoic supplement and protein shake 

Lunch: Spring mix with balsamic, 2 pieces of left over chicken, and mix of cooked veggies. Veggies include asparagus, green beans, and zucchini. 
(I thought I would include a picture today!) 

Snack: 2 small apples cut up with water

Dinner: Large spring mix salad, cucumbers, and tomatoes with balsamic. A side of pulled pork, and added a small amount of Dinosaur BBQ sauce. 

Dessert/Snack: Homemade frozen yogurt. Single Greek yogurt, some frozen strawberries, and small amount of stevia.

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